Integers & Real Number Basics

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Real Number Factoring, Prime & Composite Numbers, PDF (~ 100KB)
Factors & Divisors Space, Three different environments for the same game
Factors & Divisors Navy, Game
Factors & Divisors Army, Game
Primes, Composites and Related Topics, Game
Sieve of EratosthenesTo be filled in, view Completed. Related games found below, it is recommended that they are played in order listed, both PDF (each ~ 20KB)
Prime Number Sieve ~ Flash Application
Prime Sweeper ~ This is a 10x10 game based on the Sieve above, Flash Application
Prime Sweeper ~ Version 2, has 3 sizes and 3 difficulty settings, Flash Application
Prime Sweeper ~ Version 3, is Version 2 + Random placement and Hints, Flash Application
Integers, PDF (~ 70KB)
Addition & Subtraction, Flash Video (~ 4MB)
Multiplication & Division, Flash Video (~ 1.5MB)
Real Number Addition, PDF (~ 100KB)
Addition Drill ~ Flash Application
Real Number Subtraction, PDF (~ 100KB)
Subtraction Drill ~ Flash Application
Real Number Multiplication, PDF (~ 80KB)
Multiplication Drill ~ Flash Application
Real Number Division, PDF (~ 150KB)
Division Drill ~ Flash Application
Properties of Real Number, PDF (~ 70KB)
Properties of Real Number, Flash Video (~ 3MB)
Properties of Real Number Part 2, Flash Video (~ 3MB)
Real Number Properties ~ Matching Game
Exponents, PDF (~ 70KB)
Exponents, Flash Video (~ 3.5MB)
Exponent Tables, to be filled in. Completed, both PDF (each ~ 30KB)
Exponent Drill ~ Flash Application