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Set Notation
Notation used with Sets ~ Flash video ~ Mp4 (~ 4.4MG)
Set Defintions, Word Search Game
Set Defintions, Monkey Race
Set Notations, Matching Game
Set Notations, Board Game, different questions may appear
Set Notations, Dragon's Lair
Descriptions of Sets ~ Flash video ~ Mp4 (~ 1.7MG)
Operatons on Sets ~ Flash video ~ Mp4 (~ 4MG)
Venn Diagrams ~ Flash video ~ Mp4 (~ 3.9MG)
Venn Diagram, Steps for filling in a Venn Diagram with 3 sets
Game Links on other sites ~ Play at your own risk, I have not had a chance to play with them.
CyberChase Logic Zoo ~ Game for kids - other students found this one helpful
Venn Diagrams ~ one application
Venn Diagrams ~ another application
Xp Math ~ variety of games and information