Recreational Math

Mathematical Puzzles
These are not unsolved "math mysteries" or general math problems or questions.
Math Puzzles are a unique blend of math and puzzles.
One of the best authors on this topic is Martin Gardener. He wrote a lot of books and articles on this topics.
Another good author who examines mathematics from more of a puzzle standpoint is Colin Bruce.

Other Math CuriositiesSome of these really belong in other areas of math, but I am mentioning them here since many people look at these for a relaxing or recreational purpose. Some of the topics helped to start some serious mathematical thought into their larger fields. Thinks to the appropriate pages on my site will be added as time permits.
The Königsberg Bridge Problem in Graph Theory
Knots & Knot Theory
Math used in Crafts

Some good books
Mathematical Circus by Martin Gardener
Conned Again, Watson by Colin Bruce
Crafting by Concepts by Sarah-Marie Belcastro
There are many others, and I will add to this list as time permits

Additional information on these topics can be found on the following sites, as well as many others:
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