TicTacToe Quiz -Chapter 3 Vocab

Instructions: To Win you need to get three X's in a Row, Column or Diagonal.
A correct answer allows you to pick a square, an incorrect answer and you miss a turn.
The computer doesn't play well, but don't get too many questions wrong.

The Questions
A system of 2 linear equations representing more than 1 line is called .
A system of equations having no solution is called .
The solution a system with 2 unknowns is an .
A system of 2 linear equations that represent only 1 line is called .
The solution of a system with 3 unknowns is an .
When multiplying 1 equation by a number so that you can eliminate a variable is the Method of .

'z' 'z' 'z'
'z' 'z' 'z'
'z' 'z' 'z'